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Dear Healing Arts Day Spa Patron,

I have some very exciting news to share with you.

Soon, I'll be a published author; but: between now and then I'd like to receive your input to help bring refinement to my writing. Also, please visit:

This is the basic message of my book:

Creating Real Change In America's K-12 Education By Teaching Students How-To-Memorize & How-To-Create

Truth be told: I'm an excellent speaker but I'm in need of help with my writing so I hope you'll choose to participate.

It's my pre-book, not my complete book; so only 44 pages.

Why School Sucks book

Sincerely, Russell Warren Kukla

If you'd like to participate, these are
The Rules of Order:

  • • Pick up 1 book from our front desk
  • • Pay $20 deposit and receive receipt
  • • Read & post your comments in book
  • • Return the 1 book in 14 days or less
  • • Receive $20 deposit in exchange
  • • Or, pay $10 to re-receive pre-book and Gift Certificate
  • • After I review your notes and comments, I'll call you with a Gift Certificate # for 1 Free 60-Minute Massage*

*Offer for 1 Free 60-Minute Massage Limited to 22 Participants

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