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About Tara Joselyn

Tara Joselyn photo
Therapist name

Attended EVIT for two years

Graduated as Cosmologist

Jurlique Organic Facials specialist

Organic Body Treatments specialist

Tara Joselyn is the youngest daughter of Russell Warren and Terrell Lynn. Over the last several weeks Terrell Lynn and Tamara Leigh have been working side by side with Tara to help her perfect her techniques for Organic Spa Facials and Organic Body Treatments. Tara's also purchased her own training materials so that she can learn and practice the Belavi Facelift technique.

“I had a facial and body scrub with Tara. Afterwards I was so relaxed and my skin felt great. I'll be sure to refer others and see her again. Tara is awesome!” — Kim

“Very relaxing and much more then I expected. I've been receiving Massages for several years but this was my first Facial. So worth it!” — Jenn

“I was delighted to receive a facial by Terrell Lynn's daughter, Tara. She has a very smooth touch and transitions her treatment process very smoothly. I did mention to Tara that I really enjoyed the scalp massage and, for me, I'd like to have a little more time for that. I know some people prefer to not do that so my suggestion would be to ask the Client ahead of time if s/he would like the scalp massage. I'm looking forward to additional Jurlique facials. Thank you.” — Dian Codova

“I received a Gift Certificate so I had no idea what to expect. Everyone was very kind and professional and I felt happy and completely relaxed. I will definitely be back.” — Sarah

“I decided to book a Gentleman's Organic Facial because I've been having trouble with allergies and sinus congestion. I had the pleasure of having Tara as my Esthetician. She's very professional and created a sublimely relaxing atmosphere. The humidified air, as well as her facial massage technique, had me breathing much more easily. I left feeling refreshed and I'll undoubtedly schedule an organic facial with Tara Joselyn in the future.” — JD.

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