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Terrell Lynn's Customized Therapeutic Massage

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Terrell Lynn'sDesert Hot Stone Massage®

Since 1996 Terrell Lynn has been delighting both men and women with her passion, gifts, and time tested experience as a Licensed Massage Therapist.

A graduate of Bio-Link Therapy and LaStone Therapy, Terrell Lynn combines the best of both techniques to create comforting and therapeutic treatments that are unique, personalized, and customized for rememberable and out of this world experiences.

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I recently had my third trigger point massage with Terrell Lynn. Terrell Lynn uses a combination of trigger point and hot stone massage. I can't believe how much she has helped me. I spend eight plus hours a day at the computer working and it has really impacted my body. Terrell Lynn is friendly and upbeat and made me feel comfortable right away. She asks you about what is bothering you and is genuinely interested in helping you feel better. Not only does she explain what she is doing she also offers tips for how you can help yourself. After a recent two hour trigger point massage, I woke up the next day feeling happy, energetic and motivated. Her massages are helping me become much more flexible and feeling better than I have in years. I really look forward to my next massage. Thank you Terrell Lynn! — Doris C.

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Please Text Terrell Lynn @ (480) 577-0303

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