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Dear Valued Guest,

OK, I will admit it! We are not perfect and once in a while we do make a mistake. Doesn't everybody? Yet, I do not think it is fair that those who have received excellent customer service during the past 17 years rarely, if ever, post a positive Yelp review; yet, those who do not receive perfect customer service seem to rush to post a negative review. It is that 1 bad apple thing isn't it? :~(

Just in case you are not aware, I am the step-father of 5 wonderful children, the father of our precious daughter, Tara and now 22 years later Terrell Lynn and I have 14 grandchildren! Just like you I have many responsibilities and occasionally I make a mistake.

Yet, If you ask Terrell Lynn, our children, and our Therapists they will confirm that I am always eager, willing, and quick to make amends and I never hold a grudge abut anything. Instead, I truly believe in the motto: Live and Learn!

The first Yep review below was posted on April 27th which Yelp removed on April 29th. The second Yelp review below was posted on April 30th which Yelp removed on May 1st. What gives Yelp the right to do that?!

We would be grateful if you would please take time to share The True Story about myself, Terrell Lynn, our wonderful Therapists, and The Healing Arts Day Spa. Please post on Yelp and also please e-mail to me!

Sincerely, Russell Warren Kukla

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Andi Box
Chandler, AZ
Getting a facial from Tara was one of the most relaxing, enjoyable experiences I've ever had. After I filled out a form about my preferences, Tara realized I don't like honey as part of my facials, so she opted for a coffee scrub as part of the facial, and it was fabulous. Tara is gentle, intuitive, friendly, attentive, and she has a calm, relaxing touch. As hard as I tried to stay awake to enjoy the whole thing, I know at some point I fell asleep because I was so relaxed and at peace. I needed it after a stressful week! I cannot recommend Tara highly enough. She is the perfect choice if you want a perfect facial.

Tim Montgomery
Tara was amazing. Her technique is something you would expect from someone with years of experience. The blend of oils, her mastery of hot rocks, and soothing touch make for a massage you cannot afford to miss. I encourage you to sign up with her as soon as possible.

John W.
Apache Junction, AZ
Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed the deep tissue treatment I received from Tamara the week of new years. She gave me one of the best massages I'v had in the last 20 years or so. She asked all the right questions and hit the right spots. My wife in the "past" has always given me gift's for massage envy,and never once have I wanted to see the same therapist. I live in Apache Junction, and I will be making the drive to Tamara from now on!!! P.S. I had a real bad stiff neck for about three weeks or so and got a chair massage at a local chiropractor and nothing. But after seeing Tamara, it was all gone...... Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

Doris C.
Mesa, AZ
I recently had my third trigger point massage with Terrell Lynn. Terrell Lynn uses a combination of trigger point and hot stone massage. I can't believe how much she has helped me. I spend eight plus hours a day at the computer working and it has really impacted my body. Terrell Lynn is friendly and upbeat and made me feel comfortable right away. She asks you about what is bothering you and is genuinely interested in helping you feel better. Not only does she explain what she is doing she also offers tips for how you can help yourself. After a recent two hour trigger point massage, I woke up the next day feeling happy, energetic and motivated. Her massages are helping me become much more flexible and feeling better than I have in years. I really look forward to my next massage. Thank you Terrell Lynn!

Jane C.
Phoenix, AZ
I was tasked with finding a day spa as a reward for our staff. A few years ago we had gone to a resort and while the service was okay it wasn't the way we wanted to go this time. I decided to find someplace a little closer to home for most of us. I had researched the Healing Arts for another reason and kept going back to them. Russell and Terrell Lynn were wonderful to work with. They were able to schedule all 12 of us at times that worked for us. Some of us had very specific times that were needed. I persoanlly had Terrell Lynn as my massage therapist and let me tell you it was amazing. As someone who gets weekly massages I know what I like and what my body can handle. Needless to say, I was Jello when I left. I would highly recommend Terrell Lynn and The Healing Arts Day Spa to anyone who is looking for a massage in a relaxing atmosphere.

Leigh W.
Kaysville, UT
I am a Licensed Massage Therapist myself and I don't agree with the reviews at all. I have had the best massages there in my many years of experience & I am 60. Terrell is the best & most knowledgeable therapist I've ever had. I've had many massages with school, other spas. She's fun and always goes the extra mile, making me feel so much better. I have a sit down job and often have cramps in my hip, upon waking. Trigger points flaring, & would wake up In so much pain. Terrell did her magic on me, yeah it hurts so good!! And no more pain in the morning. That was 10 years ago. She still gives the best massages I've ever enjoyed. You won't regret the experience. I can't understand the negative reviews. Don't sweat the small stuff. Try it. Can't beat their rates. All the therapists there are great. Terrell is my fav tho.

Brandy A.
Chandler, AZ
I have to say these ladies do an exceptional job, I have been to many high end spas over the years and rec therapists as I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and am in need of a therapist that listens it's critical for me. I have gone to Healing Arts for close to 7 years now I think, as often as I can. Every therapist is trained by the owners so that you get the best experience... Let me start by saying the atmosphere and the beds to their linens are of top quality, better than the big known resorts in the area! They are all highly trained and most importantly listen to give you the best experience, my teen daughter has been going since she was 8 and she prefers deep pressure, she also is very critical now at 13, she would be shocked at the technique of many large chain places. I truly don't know how they give such high quality training and massages and such a reasonable rate. But as a single mom, I would rather get no massage than have a sub par treatment. They are a privately owned company and one I can't say enough about. The hot stone, Swedish are for my liking, my daughter loves the deep tissue as a dancer. They have many choices, you can't go wrong! The whole experience and their hands are truly a healing art in itself. You won't regret a body scrub, to die for and their facials too leave me feeling amazing, a few times a year I treat myself to a mini spa day and I feel like a new woman. Thank you, to all the ladies you will always be a part of our self care, you keep me walking with severe RA, and I thank you, so much and hope others benefit from finding you as well. By best friend now living in Chicago referred me years back and we just saw each other last weekend and she asked how all were, and said after 3 years in Chi Town she still has not gotten a massage that can even come close to the touch at Healing Arts! That says it all!!!

Anirban B.
Delhi, India
I am a Website Developer and I've been managing Mr. Kukla's website since August, 2014. While processing all the numerous updates for the website, as requested by Russell, I've always noticed how dedicated he is to his day spa business. He's always enthusiastic about reaching out to his current clients and prospective clients about the great deals, spa services, and attractive pricing The Healing Arts Day Spa has to offer. I've developed many websites and I've reviewed many day spa websites and I can honestly say that it's a pleasure, joy, and honor to contribute to the growth and future success of The Healing Arts Day Spa in Mesa, Arizona! It's an absolute pleasure knowing Mr. Kukla and I look forward to working with him for many years. Russell has also taken up a noble cause to improve America's K-12 public education system. I encourage everyone to have a look into his work in this regard, starting with his website:

Pamela M.
Scottsdale, AZ
I went to this spa with 2 other family members. We all had a massage and another service. We were so impressed by everything. This spa only uses high end products and the price was so affordable. If you want a quality service by trained professionals, then this is the place for you. We were all very satisfied and completely relaxed when we left. Thank you Healing Arts Day Spa team for taking such good care of us and making us feel pampered! Can't wait to go back! Pam, Kele & Lynda

Jane S.
Mesa, AZ
I have been going to the Healing Arts Day Spa for several years. I was first introduced to it when my daughter gave me a Gift Certificate for a Massage for My birthday. Initially, my visits were sporadic -- based on time factors. As of this year, I have made it a point to go in once a month. The benefits are twofold -- I get My need to be pampered and my need to work out the stresses/tensions of sitting at a desk all day at my office. My appointments are always with Serena. No matter which massage technique I choose, I am never disappointed. I especially like the ease of booking appointments on-line. There are so many appointment times available, there is no problem getting exactly the time I need. There is always a confirmation sent to my email. I highly recommend this Day Spa.

Pamela M.
Oceanside, CA
I went to this spa with 2 other family members. We all had a massage and another service. We were so impressed by everything. This spa only uses high end products and the price was so affordable. If you want a quality service by trained professionals, then this is the place for you. We were all very satisfied and completely relaxed when we left. Thank you Healing Arts Day Spa team for taking such good care of us and making us feel pampered! Can't wait to go back! Pam, Kele & Lynda

John S.
Mesa, AZ
Over the years I have had countless massages but until recently I had no idea how incredibly beneficial a massage could be. In March I had a major rotator cuff reconstruction surgery. When it came time for physical therapy I went twice a week with very little progress. At the urging of a family member with a similar history I was highly advised to see Terrell Lynn at the Healing Arts Day Spa. Terrell Lynn worked on my shoulder for 90 minutes. She explained precisely what she was doing and why. At the end of the session I felt as though I was healed. My shoulder felt wonderful for the first time in years. The very next day I had another appointment with my physical therapist. As he began to work my shoulder he just couldn't believe the "miraculous" progress I had made from just a few days earlier. He was absolutely stunned as he rotated my shoulder back and forth discovering how lose and pain free it had become overnight. Terrell Lynn freed up my range of motion completely. Because of that I was able to start lifting at the gym and even start playing volleyball two months ahead of my surgeons schedule. I have been back several times since Healing Arts Day Spa is so incredibly inexpensive. I have been completely impressed every time I visit. They have daily specials that are so affordable and their quality is second to none. I look so forward to my time there. I've also had the great pleasure of having another real pro Cynthia work on me. I have recommended friends and family and will continue to do so. For a wonderful experience and a sure thing I couldn't recommend more The Healing Arts Day Spa.

Linda, C.
Chandler, AZ
As a physical therapist, I have had many massages over the years - a lot of them performed by massage therapists who just "go through the motions" and do the same routine for every person. Not Terrell at The Healing Arts Day Spa! She has the gift of being able to find your trigger points or tension areas and then treat them with a variety of techniques until you experience relief. Each session is different and targeted to your needs that day. She is extremely strong, yet skilled and knowledgeable so that her deep tissue is therapeutic, but not painful or overwhelming. She frequently checks in with you to make sure the pressure is what you want and that she is addressing your needs. She is honestly the best massage therapist I have had the pleasure of experiencing! As if receiving quality treatments were not enough, the prices are amazing! I have been going to The Healing Arts Day Spa for many years (at least 10), and their very reasonable prices have not changed in that time. It allows me to go on a more regular basis for great health benefits, instead of just every now and then for a "treat" or "pamper session". Their appointments are truly a full 60 or 90 minutes hands-on treatment and not cut short by 10 minutes like most places for room turnover.Gift certificates to Terrell are the ONLY thing I ever put on my list for Christmas, birthdays, etc.!!!

Jennifer F.
Newburgh, NY
Amazing! Simply The Best! I would highly recommend The Healing Arts Day Spa over any other spa in Phoenix and surrounding areas. They not only offer fantastic prices and unbeatable packages, but they bring to the table a wealth of knowledge and education to make them the best at what they do. Today I had the "Pamper Me" package, which I could choose 3 full 60-minute treatments from a long list of options (FOR ONLY $149...WHO CAN BEAT THAT PRICE?!?) I chose to have two massages, a hot stone massage and a deep tissue massage, and a full body herbal linen wrap. My session started off with meeting the wonderful Terrell. We chatted for a few minutes about the different treatments, questions, problematic areas, and she offered me some suggestions. Not only did she explain to me the flow of the session (with an extremely educational, and very courteous reasoning, I mean who wants to get off the bed three times during relaxation mode?), but she threw in a COMPLIMENTARY FACIAL!! AMAZING! My session began with the Herbal Linen Wrap, which Terrell explained to me in full detail. She offered to add Aloe to the treatment depending on my comfort level while I was wrapped up (the aloe was a nice add). She customized the herbs and essential oils to my liking and I was comfortably wrapped up nice and warm. A very lovely experience for my first body wrap! During the time I was in the wrap she gave me a complimentary facial using an awesome organic line called Jurlique. Smelled great and my skin is glowing! She went a step further with the neck and shoulders massage that is customary with a facial; she opted to work on the major knots and tension in my upper back/neck and did a lot of trigger point work. Not only did it feel awesome, but it basically added an additional half hour of massage to my package! Terrell moved from the wrap into my two hour massage session with an ease and flow that only an experienced professional can. She used different techniques to alleviate the knots and tension in my shoulders, lower back, and hips. For the entire session she used the hot stones along with the deep tissue techniques, and added some stretching and reflexology. It was honestly the best massage Ive ever had!! Terrell made me feel truly "Pampered" and was very friendly, she really knows her stuff!. Make A Healing Arts Day Spa your first choice for relaxation!

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